UGG Waste Reduction Policy | Reducing Package Waste Through Design
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24 September 2020

Waste is a big issue in the fashion industry and packaging is part of the problem. Since 2017, we have been looking for ways to reduce our packaging waste through better design and engineering. We do our best to not only design sustainable packaging, but to make sure the waste does not end up in a landfill.

We completed a packaging study, which included tracking our product packaging’s energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions so we could understand the environmental impacts and identify exactly what changes were needed – starting with minimizing our waste. 

This resulted in us reducing the amount of tissue paper we use, switching to smaller one-piece shoe boxes and reducing the quantity of printed brand materials. We still have targets that we want to meet, including increasing our use of FSC certified paper and using more recycled materials.

The changes we have made to our packaging have already had notable impacts. For example, from FY18 to FY19 we saw a decrease in packaging dunnage by 8.96%, a decrease in GHG emissions by 8.09%, a reduction in water usage by 2.09%, a fossil fuel reduction of 11.1% and a decrease of eutrophication by 12.63%.

Recycled materials play a significant role in how we address waste in the fashion supply chain of our products. Visit our materials page to find out more about the different recycled materials we use.

We have put in place measures to transform our Moreno Valley distribution center into a zero-waste facility by 2023.

Read more Visit our materials page to find out more about the different recycled materials we use.
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