One step closer to a regenerative future: Spotlight on the new…
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One step closer to a regenerative future: Spotlight on the new Classic Mini Regenerate giving intensive farming the boot

We share your respect for our world and recognize we have a responsibility to create a more mindful product. Our sustainability journey is far from over but we believe that together we can impact the world.

As part of our Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, we are excited to announce the launch of our first UGG Classic made with regenerative materials, and we know you probably have some questions:

But, what is regenerative about the UGG Classic Mini Regenerate?

It’s our first ever classic style UGG boot to feature sheepskin sourced from a farm that practices regenerative principles - Atkins Ranch. The design of the Classic Mini Regenerate also includes UGG Sugarcane Outsole foam made with renewable sugarcane. Swift-growing, rainwater-nourished sugarcane decreases our dependence on fossil fuels, replacing the need for petroleum-based ethylene often used in shoe soles. For the small amount of emissions created by the low-impact materials in this style, UGG has purchased offsets, making the style carbon neutral.

So, what is Regenerative Agriculture exactly?

Intensive farming, including the overuse of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals, has led to the health of the world’s topsoil and the ecosystems that rely on it being depleted. Farmers practicing regenerative agriculture use a holistic, natural approach to land management, valuing long-term value over short-term gain. For instance, they use rotational grazing to mimic the effects wild herds once produced on the land. These practices help to restore soil, increase biodiversity, sequester (capture and store) carbon, and preserve the land for future generations, which in turn address the global issues of desertification, climate change, and food and water insecurity.

As part of this effort, UGG is continuing our multi-year partnership with nonprofit, Savory Institute, as they work with businesses and local communities to regenerate global grasslands. These grasslands account for 40% of the Earth’s land surface, and have the inherent ability to store more carbon in their soil than any other environment.

UGG is a partner of Savory Institute’s Land to Market program, which advocates for verified regenerative farming solutions, works to protect ecosystems, and reverses environmental degradation. As a Frontier Founder, we are part of a group of forward-leaning brands which have helped Savory Institute co-author the final stages of getting products to consumers. Further, UGG has committed to restoring 1,000,000 acres of land by 2025 through regenerative farming practices and have already converted over 200,000 acres of conventional soil into regenerative farmland in just one year.

What does this mean for the future of UGG materials?

When we source from farms that practice regenerative agriculture, we have the opportunity to truly transform the fashion industry. It is not only about us and it is no longer enough to just do “less harm”. Beyond regenerative sourcing, we have established a target of at least 65% of the materials in UGG footwear being recycled, repurposed, regenerated (plant-based), renewable (bio-based), or certified natural fibers, by 2027, and 70% in all other apparel.

We know it’s not enough to create one regenerative design and our team is committed to learning, innovating, and doing more each season. In the meantime, the launch of the Classic Mini Regenerate brings us one step closer to a regenerative world. A better world for all.

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