UGG® commits to One Tree Planted
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UGG® commits to One Tree Planted

UGG® commits to planting one tree for every pair of shoes purchased from its Icon-Impact Collection.

Have you heard about the most innovative and efficient carbon-capturing technology on the market? Just one can sequester an estimated 48 lbs. of carbon per year, plus it’s totally natural and can last way longer than we’ll live. Yep, you guessed it – we’re talking about trees.

We’re in awe of nature’s power to restore our planet, and at UGG®, we’re always thinking about what we can do to support the systems that have been keeping our earth in equilibrium for years. It’s a big reason why we’re already investing in regenerative farming and increasing our usage of fibers from carbon-sequestering plants like hemp as part of our FEEL GOOD journey.

This season, we’re taking it even further. We’ll be planting one tree for each purchase from the Icon-Impact Collection, supporting reforestation work across the map.


We’ve partnered up with the dream team behind One Tree Planted, a 501(c)3 non-profit that – you’ve guessed it – plants trees around the world. It works with reforestation partners in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa to help get trees in the ground, restoring natural ecosystems and creating habitats that promote biodiversity.

Together, we’ll be planting 102,327 trees – that’s one tree for each pair of shoes sold –across four key locations in which UGG has a presence: Vietnam, where many of our production partners are based, and Ontario, Canada, Minnesota, U.S., and Denmark, where we have a retail presence.

In the Binh Thuan Province in Vietnam, we’ll be helping smallholder acacia farmers bring trees onto their land, improving the ecological resilience of degraded areas. In Ontario, we’ll be contributing to biodiversity in the Larose Forest by bringing back tree species like white pine, oak, and cedar. Our project in Washington is all about restoring the Chippewa National Forest, replanting trees that have been lost to disease or heavy winds, as well as supporting the cultural needs of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwa. Meanwhile in Denmark, we’re helping to plant a woodland that will host many species of birds and insects, as well as acting as an educational hub for the local community.

Our fifth and final project is taking place in Japan. Here, we’re directly joining forces with local forest conservation organization, More Trees, who is building an UGG Forest in Tenkawa – a village located in the Nara Prefecture. This year we’ll be planting 500 trees in a10,000 sq. meter area, and will continue to expand the planting area next year too.

Our local UGG employees will play a hands-on role in the UGG Forest, planting some of the trees and taking responsibility for maintaining the forest. To do so we’re connecting with the local community to learn how foresting is best done in the area. We will work with local experts to ensure our approach is just right by following their advice on best practices such as spacing out our trees over a large area to ensure a healthy forest for years to come.


The Icon Impact Collection is all about taking less from the planet and giving something back in return. By incorporating materials such as wool waste, sugarcane, and recycled polyester we strive to use what we already have – all while investing in ecosystem regeneration.

The collection uses two innovative materials – UGGplush™ and UGGcycle™ – which are made with reclaimed wool. Compared to virgin wool, reclaimed wool requires less energy, water, and carbon emissions. Icon-Impact also incorporates renewable sugarcane and recycled PET, diverting over 350,000 plastic bottles from landfill.

On our journey to becoming a regenerative business, we are excited to extend the impact of our iconic collection through a program that globally improves forest health, protects wildlife habitat, and reduces the impact of wildfires. When you invest in one of our Icon-Impact styles, you’ll be helping to restore our earth.

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