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The theme of this year’s Earth Day is ‘Invest in our planet,’ and organizers hope to engage more than one billion people, governments, institutions, and businesses. So, we thought it was a good moment to share how we’re giving back to our planet — and the challenges still ahead. And while we’re using this moment to highlight the progress we’ve made along our journey; we also understand there is much more to be done.

Longer lasting: Extending the life of your boots

The most sustainable clothes are, arguably, the ones you can repair. And keeping the footwear that you already have for longer is one of the most planet-positive moves you can make as a consumer. That’s one of the reasons we launched UGGrenew, a repair program in collaboration with shoe repair firm NuShoe. The program is an important part of our plan to help extend the lifecycle of our products. With three options — renew, restore, or refresh — our handcrafted restoration and steam cleaning will give your boots a second life, so you can fall back in love with your favorite pair, while protecting our planet from more waste.

Regenerative focus: En route to one million acres

We committed to restoring one million acres of farmland through regenerative farming practices by 2025 — and we have already impacted 310,000 acres in two years. From adapting to local conditions to practicing natural rotational grazing and planting indigenous flora, it’s an approach that both improves soil health and increases the resilience of ecosystems. And in turn, the soil can absorb a greater amount of carbon from the atmosphere. For anyone finding it hard to visualize, one million acres is the equivalent of around sixteen million tennis courts of the Earth restored.

Less waste: Upcycling our wool

Many brands talk about diverting materials from landfill, from deadstock fabric to turning plastic bottles into recycled nylon. We focused our sights on materials long considered a byproduct in huge abundance. Beyond our leather and hide, we now also lead in the industry on repurposed wool — reducing our use of virgin wool to just 2%, in turn using less water and energy and emitting less CO2. You might have noticed us speaking out about our preferred materials — more than half of all materials used in our footwear are recycled, renewable, regenerated, or from certified natural sources — so watch this space for our next big move.

Less water: Down by over a third

With so much focus on sustainable resources, it could be easy to forget about water use in the fashion industry. However, water scarcity already affects more than 40% of the world’s population, so the impact of water pollution and usage cannot be neglected. Our largest water footprint comes at production level. So, working alongside our suppliers, we are committed to implementing less water intensive solutions throughout the manufacturing journey — from exploring alternative dyeing, soaking, and rinsing processes, to seeking out new technology to better manage wastewater. So far, we've reduced water usage by 37% per pair since 2019 through conservation and recycling.

Lower emissions: Reducing our footprint

Intricately connected to water is climate change. Global temperatures increasing is having a direct impact on rainfall, as oceans become more acidic, freshwater scarcer, and extreme weather more common. To reduce our supply chain emissions — and not simply offset them — takes investment and time, and we are working towards identifying proven solutions that we can scale. Our goal is to reduce emissions by 40% per pair of footwear by 2030 — and since 2019, we have already seen a 31% reduction. It’s a big step in the right direction, but we know we can do more to pick up the pace.

We remain committed to crafting quality products that are built to last, while investing in regenerative agriculture to preserve and restore the land and environment for future generations. To shop for our products that are Crafted with Responsible Materials, visit here.

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