Our pledge to protect & restore the planet for World Environment Day
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Our pledge to protect & restore the planet for World Environment Day 2022

This year, World Environment Day’s #OnlyOneEarth campaign places the focus on transformative action to celebrate, protect and restore our planet. Earlier this year on Earth Day, we shared our progress in moving towards a regenerative future, and today, we’re diving a little deeper into what that looks like at UGG.


2022 marks 50 years since the 1972 UN conference on the human environment: the first time international leaders came together to address pressing planetary issues.

The meeting led to the creation of environment ministries and agencies, and paved the way for the Sustainable Development Goals that we are all striving towards today. Now, 150 countries and millions of people across the world participate in World Environment Day, inspiring positive action on a global scale.


We have an obligation to help mitigate the effects of climate change. The vast majority of our carbon emissions occur during the phases when the raw material is extracted and then manufactured into a material – that’s why we’re on a mission to use better materials in our products.

Here's our progress to date:

  • In 2021, we saved 16.2 billion liters of water by using Leather Working Group leather and sheepskin – that’s enough drinking water for 14.8 million people for one year.
  • By using plant-based Tencel, we saved 923,469 lbs of CO2 -equivalent to CO2 emissions from one year’s electricity use in more than 81 homes.
  • We have repurposed over 58 million PET water bottles and over 258,000 lbs of post-industrial polyester fiber and textile scrap in our recycled polyester enough scrap to cover Vatican City, or 60 football fields.
  • By using repurposed and Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) wool, we’ve saved 130,703,759 lbs of CO2, equivalent to over 60,000 passengers traveling by plane from New York to London.


By 2027, we aim to replace 100% of our faux fur with plant-based, bio-based or recycled synthetic materials. And by 2030, 100% of UGG products will be designed with the circular economy in mind – think reparable, resellable, upcycled, downcycled, recycled or biodegradable.

We have also partnered with the Savory Institute’s Land to Market program – the world’s first verified regenerative sourcing solution for wool and leather. Learn more about this partnership here. To date, we have helped restore over 200,000 acres of land, and we’re hoping to reach 1 million acres by 2025.

Being sustainable isn’t enough anymore. We have to find ways to regenerate our systems, and use the volume of what we are producing as a force for good. Thank you for supporting us on this mission – we look forward to bringing you even more positive updates by World Environment Day 2023.

To check out the UGG footwear and apparel responsible edit, visit: UGG Sustainable Footwear Products | UGG® Official

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