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Founded in California, our surroundings have always been a part of who we are. We are reminded every day how our climate is changing and of the impact this is having on the world around us. We know collaboration is key to driving long-term lasting change and we work together with our people and partners to protect the planet and our future. UGG FEEL GOOD brings together all of our values, positive projects and ambitions. It is how we will move forward to ensure we play our part in preserving this planet for future generations - TOGETHER.


“We believe in good business – the kind that helps our community, our environment, and that inspires others.”

Dave Powers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Deckers Brands

UGG is part of the Deckers Brands portfolio of lifestyle and apparel brands. Deckers has been very active in championing sustainability and every year publishes a Corporate Responsibility Report which shares achievements and progress in a wide range of social and environmental targets. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on UGG FEEL GOOD, please get in contact with us. You can reach us via email: CR@deckers.com

To take a deeper dive into how Deckers approaches social and environmental responsibility you can read our latest Corporate Responsibility Report here. You will find the policies and most important international standards, guidelines and procedures that UGG follows here too.

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